Become A Certified Breathwork Facilitator

Breathwork is a transformational energy healing modality, which allows us to tap into suppressed emotions in order to release them.

There are multiple mental, physical and spiritual benefits of doing this beautiful practice.

In this LIVE 5 week training program, you’ll become confident in your knowledge of Breathwork and have everything you need to facilitate sessions.

Learn more about Breathwork here.

Why Become A Facilitator?

You know you’re meant for a more purpose filled life and career.

You feel the pull to dive deeper into your own knowledge of Breathwork + Meditation.

You have a deep desire to help people heal as part of your purpose here on Earth.

There is a huge market for more facilitators – Breathwork and Meditation are rapidly increasing in popularity.

You want to facilitate Breathwork classes online, throughout your city, at retreats and workshops.

You know Breathwork is such a powerful tool to use for your existing clients to go even deeper into their growth.


The history of Breathwork

The science and psychology of how Breathwork heals us mentally and physically

How to set up and facilitate sessions, workshops, groups

A multitude of Breathwork techniques

How to market your services

Weekly LIVE training calls over Zoom. These are always recorded for anyone who can't make it live.

Scripts, marketing templates, training videos, journaling exercises and more!!

You'll have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and interact with other students. access to Leah Pardee, your course instructor.


LIFETIME access to The Breath Portal ($27/month value) so you can start your own transformational and consistent Breathwork practice. You'll get to take away ideas for your own sessions while reaping the benefits of Breathwork!

Learn The Science + Psychology Behind Breathwork

You'll learn the science and psychology of how our emotions become stuck in our bodies, how Breathwork releases them and so much more.

Learn To Facilitate Sessions

You'll have everything you need to confidently facilitate classes, workshops, and one-to-one sessions.

Market Your Breathwork Sessions

Learn how to spread the word about Breathwork and market your services. Unlike many certification programs, you'll receive training on how to sell and walk away ready to begin!

Meet Your Instructor

Leah Pardee is a writer, Breathwork Facilitator and host of the Bare Naked Soul podcast.

She frequently hears how much peace of mind her students experience from Breathwork. They also experience powerful mindset breakthroughs.

Leah teaches Breathwork online through her membership site The Breath Portal. She also teaches throughout Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and at her retreats.

Upon completion of the training, you will be Breathwork Certified, and will have everything you need to confidently lead classes and workshops.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Leah by email at [email protected]


Q. What if I’m not experienced in Breathwork yet?

A. This program includes lifetime access to The Breath Portal, Leah’s online Breathwork membership site. You’ll have a library of Breathwork videos to complete for your own experience and transformation. You don’t need any prior experience in Breathwork.

Q. Will I receive a certificate after the training?

A. Yes. You will receive a certificate as a Heal Breathwork Certified Facilitator. 

Q. What is the time commitment during the 5 week program?

A. You will spend approximately 3 hours per week between course content and practicing.

Q. What if it takes me longer than 5 weeks to complete the program?

A. Leah aims to provide accountability and keep everyone on track through the live Zoom calls and the FB group. However, she is always available to certify students who take longer than 5 weeks to complete the program. You will have lifetime access to the content.

Feedback From Alumni

Heal Breathwork Academy has been an amazing experience for me. Leah is so well versed in breathwork. She is highly educated on the topic + is someone who practices what she preaches. After experiencing some of her breathwork sessions I knew I wanted to get certified to help support my own clients. I love the way the academy is structured, as everything is well laid out and easy to follow + understand. Leah is always so responsive to her students and held great space as a facilitator. On the other side of this academy, I have been invited to be the in-house breathwork facilitator at my local yoga studio and am so excited to support my community in this way. I am feeling super empowered with the tools + knowledge Leah has provided me with. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone considering it! - Kiki Rae

Adding Breathwork to my business has been life changing. Going through Leah’s program was made easily for me to do as a business owner and mom of 3 which I appreciated. She spells everything out for you to quickly learn and is always great about responding to questions and giving support. - Jaime Keyes

Leah introduced me to a deeper understanding of breath work when I had her on my podcast! There was something that was activated in me and I knew that I was to bring a deeper understanding of breathwork to my clients. I immediately decided to join the Heal Breathwork Academy and am VERY glad I did! Leah goes into the science of breathwork as well as a very practical application that is easy to understand and guide people through. I enjoyed the certification and have a deeper understanding of breathing mechanics as it relates to our health and overall wellbeing. I would highly recommend Leah’s program if you want to deepen your breathwork practice or bring breathwork in as a healing modality to clients. Thank you Leah for being a wonderful teacher throughout this program. - Amanda Monnier

Leah's class was super easy to navigate. She made the information interesting and she is very knowledgeable about what she is teaching. She provides you with ALOT of opportunities to practice and ask any questions. She is speedy with responses and you have tons of examples and materials to assist you with coming up with your own plan on how to do things. Her energy is very uplifting, non-judgemental and upbeat. She also gives you the space to be creative and do things in your own unique way which i thoroughly appreciate. - Bryanna Keiser

LIVE round starts January 8th 2024

To maximize communication and engagement, enrollment is limited to 20 students.

As soon as you enroll you'll be able to begin your LIFETIME access to The Breath Portal.